What Access Spectrum Offers for Manufacturing Industry

One of the key elements to shape your digital business is the use of SAP ERP for the manufacturing Industries with SAP Manufacturing Certified Solution designed by Access Spectrum offering Industry-specific solutions.

Our Package supports business process enhancement in Supply Chain Management, Product Management, Manufacturing and Financial Management offering best practice of operational Model which ensure from quality, consistency and predictability of supply chain to financial productivities.

Key Outcomes of SAP S/4 HANA Project

Material Requirement Planning in SAP will help plan the materials needed for production and ensure timely procurement of same.

Timely ordering and delivery of materials will be improved further by taking into account the lead time and time taken for production

Overall visibility of processes from planning to procuring to settling a vendor

Availability of multiple standard reports which will help and optimize all aspects of their operations.

Real time updating of Financial entries with every transaction

Complete visibility into the audit trails of a process and document

Decision makers have the ability to extract the information required for analysis and decision making purposes real time.

Intelligent ERP

An Intelligent Suite delivers intelligence across value chains for every Line of Business

Ease Automate Scale

  • Customer centric, easy entry
  • Integrate Data via IoT Technology
  • Leverage Business Networks
  • Integrate via Cloud Platforms

Automated Processing

  • Exception based control
  • Automate & streamline business
  • From rules to machine learning
  • Connect with Digital Assistance

Real time Prediction

  • Real-time KPI’s > all key users
  • Digital board room
  • Predict, Simulate, What if…
  • Insight-2-Action

Key Value Proposition

  • SAP Global Manufacturing Practices with over thousands of comprehensive requirements along with best Industrial solutions
  • Detail blueprint configuration with step by step Implementation phases
  • Ability to Upskilling Global Industry 4.0 models
  • Covers all of the critical functions of Sale and Distribution, Supply Chain, Production Execution and Financial Controls
  • Centralized Management with Cloud Technology and Integration with Business Intelligence and Point of Sale

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